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Backup naming question


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I have two copies of FS9 installed one in the C drive and another on an external Samsung ssd F: (C Drive is also an ssd)

Both are titled FS9.

IE c:fs9 F:fs9

I was wondering if its correct to label both Fs9.

I ask because I tried to install VOZ 1.80 yesterday and I noticed that although I installed it to C: elements of VOZ also appeared in F: I didn't

want that ,caused real problems


Hope this makes some sense.


cheers Andy

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Have you ever:

-Installed something directly to F:\fs9?

-Moved things between C:\fs9 and F:\fs9?


It could be that the installer for VOZ will not just install where you first point it to but also look up paths in the registry or configuration files.

If the registry or files in C:\fs9 contain paths to F:\fs9 then the installer could put things in the wrong place.


Where did the files actually go to?

Did some really go to F:\fs9?


Another option is that the installation on F:\fs9 has links to C:\fs9 or looks in the registry where it finds such links.

In that case the VOZ installer worked fine but the installation in F:\fs9 has issues.


Search the registry for "C:\fs9" and "F:\fs9".

Also do a text search in Windows Explorer in each for both "C:\fs9" and "F:\fs9" to find any wrong configuration files.


Another test is to rename one folder and then start the sim from the other.

Then anything that is broken will in some way be related to the other side.


--- --- ---

What is the reason for this setup?

Is one a backup in case something happens to the main installation?

Or do you like to switch between to completely different environments?

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YEah installing FS9 again seems to bring some woes. I did that and despite my previous FS9 being in a custom area, the new install still overwrote some aspects of it which is strange,


As far as naming, I think you could name it anything you like. I have FS9 for one and Classic for the other location. You could call it SexybabeFS9 and I'm sure it would work.

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Hello Chaps

thanks for your replies.

The reason i asked about the naming of the two installations of Fs9 was because they both were named

Fs9.... C:Fs9 and F:Fs9 I though because they both had the same name, (barring the disc drive name C and F) I thought that may account in some way for them both seeming to be in 'communication .

I will give you an example I have used FS global for many years (it enhances the default scenery worldwide. If I run either C or F fs9, FS global displays in both as normal ,even though it was only installed in C:fs9 ,If I alter the name of C:fs9 and then run F: Fs9 It starts but this time displays error messages that the FS global areas are missing, so it looks like F:fs9 does use the C:Fs9 FSglobal textures .

Anyway the reason I am asking is because the other day I thought I would give VOZ1.80 a go but !! I didn't read the installation instructions carefully (stupid I know)this resulted in much gnashing and wailing of teeth.

When you use voz you have to select an area of Australia you want to fly in ,there are about five or six choices ie Northern territories ,central Australia etc when you have decided on your selection you hit something called the VOZ button and that will switch off the default textures(temporarily) and load the VOZ textures appropriate to your region of Australia. What actually happens is those textures will change worldwide ,but as you are in Aus it wont affect you.. BUT! when you finish your flight in Aus you have to use select the option UNVOS which will switch your default textures back on. If you don't do this then on your next flight you will have Australian textures no matter were you are in the world .Its not a problem as you would only have to restart VOZ 1.80 and again select to UNVOZ and your default world textures would return.

The big mistake i made was to uninstall Voz 1.80 before i had UNVOZED (changed back to my default textures) ,so next time i started my sim for a flight i had these VOZ textures world wide (on both C:Fs9 and F:fs9) and with no easy way that i knew of to restore my defaults.

A bit of luck!!!! I suddenly remembered i had another backup of FS9 on an old external disc drive and was able to copy and paste it over C:Fs9 and voila my textures were restored as normal.

Anyway enough of these rambles ,but that is why i was asking if two separate installations Fs9 could somehow interact ,interfere with each other .

It seems they can!


Cheers Andy

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Hi Andy, If you rename the folder as well as the FS9.exe of the second install, you will not have any interaction between the separate installs. As long as they are uniquely named.


I have 8 separate installs of FS9, uniquely named with no interference between them at all. I also have a backup of a clean install, on a portable drive as well.


Have fun,

Regards, Robin


Cape Town, South Africa

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