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gauges on networked pc


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hi guys,


when I fly I like to put some of my gauges ie gps ,primery flight display and other things

on another screen, but I'd like to put those on to my laptop or a second pc eventually ?

is this possible ?


and also I have rex weather 4 and would like to run that from the second pc/laptop as well

is that also possible?


thanks guys:pilot:


milo the flying muso !! (although muso's and planes don't always go together !)

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You can create as many view windows as you want using the [ key.

Select the view you want in the window, resize and drag it to the monitor.


You can also edit your panel.cfg file to create widows with only one gauge (or set of gauges) in it and drag those windows to the monitor of choice.


Networked add-ons:

If an add-on has not been specifically DESIGNED to operate over a network connection, then no, you cannot force gauges or add-ons to communicate over a network by themsleves. ASN is one of the few add-ons designed to do this.

A few seconds research on the developer site for the add-on you want to do this with will answer your question. Look at the list of "Features" for the product. If you do not see something like "networked" then no.


I'm not familiar with WideFS (payware) but it may have the ability to do what you want. Again, a few seconds research on the Peter Downsen web pages will answer your questions.



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I'd like to put those on to my laptop or a second pc eventually ?

is this possible ?


No, you cannot do this directly. However, you can create panels to run on another computer with a suitable application. The two I have investigated are Panel Builder and Air Manager. Air Manager is better, in my opinion. You can see my 'review-torial' on using this application if you





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First of all you will need to find some panel software that runs externally to fsx, a good starting point is THIS six pack, they also offer a variety of other freeware gauges. Although these are for mostly GA aircraft, there are some other programs out there that will display gauges for airliners and such.

Once you have found your software for producing the gauges outside of fsx you then need to find out which method it uses to connect to fsx, there are two main methods, simconnect and fsuipc. Both of these methods can be networked either by a lot of hard work or paying for a widefs licence respectively. For setting up the networking frooglesim on youtube created a good video on how to set that up named something like "how to run fsx on multiple machines."

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