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CH versus Saitek? + compatibility please answer

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I'm planning to slowly build up a full cockpit setup.

My question is: which is the better yoke- Saitek (PZ44) or the CH yoke (not the eclipse, the other one)

next question- if I purchase the CH yoke, is it going to work with the rest of the setup being Saitek (pedals, controls, throttle etc)?

My Saitek wishlist is radio panel PZ69, multi-panel PZ70, switch panel PZ55, instruments PZ47, throttle PZ45- I need everything to work together

And if I get CH throttle, should I get CH pedals, or with Saitek pedals work? And vice versa?

and it all has to work with FS2004!


so... anyone got some advice? Cheers!


I'm veering toward all-Saitek because all the instruments will be that brand. But I'd like a second opinion.

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