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Problems with starting the plane


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I am new to X Plane 11 and this seems to be a bit of an issue - there is no obvious option to tone down the P factor as you have in MSFS. I've since switched to the jets but that brings a whole other list of little quirks to deal with!
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These may or may not help. Get ahead of the plane by applying some right rudder before you release the brakes. Release the brake with the power in idle then run it up slowly and smoothly while concentrating on holding the right rudder on. Don't let it jump sideways like a scared horse. You won't need to touch the left rudder pedal. If it takes off to the right just lighten up a hair and let the torque pull you back to the center. Try centering the yoke/stick then take your hands off so you won't forget that you are steering with just your feet and grab it like a steering wheel. I only hit full power just before rotation then hold it level and fly out the rest of the runway to gain energy. A Cessna will take off in half the length of most paved runways. The controls are much more sensitive to tiny movements than a real plane or nobody would ever get their ppl. I crashed the first two times and took off by a hair on the third try. It just takes thinking through what's going on and practicing until you get it. Of course all flight controls are different. At the moment I'm using a joystick and Thrustmaster foot pedals which don't seem to have any adjustment. The joystick was the best thing available but now some yokes are coming back in stock. Will probably order a Honeywell Alpha yoke tomorrow but it still doesn't solve the rudder issue.


In order to get a feel for the plane you might want to generate some flights already in the air which is more like a real flying lesson. You aren't expected to take off and land by yourself on the first fight but you do begin actually flying the plane once you are in the air along with the instructor right from the start.


Hang in there you'll get it.

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