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The Unofficial Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 FAQ / Wiki’

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The amount of information about the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is ever growing. But it is scattered all over the internet ... I more than once asked myself ‘where had I seen this?’ or ‘where have I read this?’


To deal with this loss of memory I collected as many info as I could find and gathered it all in one place, easy to find. Now that this is done, I might as well share it with you all.


Here’s the link to 'The Unofficial Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 FAQ / Wiki’.



Have fun.



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Great endeavour! You have spent a lot of time compiling this info and I can appreciate the effort. Very comprehensive! Website is nice to scroll through also. Congrats and cheers!

PS It would be great if this could be pinned so it is always visible.

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Thanks for your feedback stinger. Haha, yes, I may be in need of a secretary! :)


Latest update just went online:

- news and July 9 dev update on the homepage: release in 2020 confirmed, beta starts July 30.

- support for multiple monitors and home cockpits confirmed (was already long ago)

- frame rates 4k and video cards section updated

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