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Checking my repaint


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I found a freeware at simviation's page with a full model of the overland's MD-11 in KLM colors.

So i decided to check an old and unfinished repaint i was doing. Today was my second day where i was into the photoshop drawing lines and painting.

Sorry but yes, in old Varig colors again :cool

Parking at Guarulhos at Gate heavy 4, i managed to get credentials to go outside and walk around this beauty. MD-11 was a great aircraft and will be missed too.

I hope you like.

Prepar3D 2015-02-16 00-15-04-57.jpg

Prepar3D 2015-02-16 00-17-22-86.jpg

Prepar3D 2015-02-16 00-22-53-74.jpg

Prepar3D 2015-02-16 00-24-48-57.jpg

Prepar3D 2015-02-16 00-31-26-78.jpg

Prepar3D 2015-02-16 00-36-46-68.jpg

Prepar3D 2015-02-16 00-38-36-21.jpg

Prepar3D 2015-02-16 00-41-17-18.jpg

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Very impressive work Fabio, looks awesome so far. :cool: She's still a workhorse in the cargo business, and I can't see that changing any time particularly soon. Long live the MD-11! :D


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Thanks you a lot guys :D

Well, i am a bit disapointed because i just can't make those landing lights works in my P3D...but, i still working and i hope i will not lose the guts to finished this one ..


I changed the belly colors now, it is a bit whiter...

Prepar3D 2015-02-20 16-20-19-25.jpg

Intel i9 - 64 GB Ram - ASUS RTX2070 - HP Reverb G2
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