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I have just obtained a dell computer which runs vista,because I'm sick of trying to get FSX to run on my windows 8.1 pc, it is a quad core with 4 gig of ram running at 2.23 ghz, it's got a nvidia geforce 9500 gt graphics card on board which has 512 mb of memory, I've loaded FSX and yes it runs ok but I would like to be able to push the display sliders further to the right without getting a jerky simulation, my questions are,

Is this pc adequate as it is?

Would a graphic card with 2 gig of memory be better?

And if so which card would you recomend to somebody on a limited budget?

I hope you can help, regards FRED.

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With that processor you'll be limited to low settings in Fsx. Unlike computer games, fsx needs a fast processor more than anything else. A bigger graphics card will not help. It will be bottle necked by the processor. Post the specs on your 8.1. It may be a viable option.There is no reason why Fsx cannot run on 8.1 with a bit of tweaking.Bruce

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