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Default 747 Emissive Panel Lighting

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Hi all,


The team at Wheelie Bin Studios (made up of just me actually) has been hard at work (more plodding along really) enhancing the default 747-400.


We're suckers for punishment and truthfully, if we (me) had known how long this endeavour might take, probably wouldn't have started it!


Anyhow I've been able to add emissive lighting to the default 747-400 VC, something it hasn't had before.


The first screenshot below shows the panel lighting on. The second screenshot is a comparison screenshot with only the cabin lighting on.


This provides the ability to texture some great looking panel lighting into the VC. My own texturing ability is pretty poor (as evidenced by the screenshot below). It's also why the various switches and knobs are lit up like a Christmas tree. At this point in time, I've spent very little effort on the texturing and the intention is to have all of that tidied up.


If anybody would like to collaborate with me and have a go at enhancing the night textures, pm me! No previous experience required! :)


Before anyone points out the obvious, I'm fully aware I may not complete this project before Flight Simulator (the new one) comes out :). I've started this thing however, and I'll see it through to completion!


Happy flying everyone!





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That lighting looks great! Well done.


One question though. As you sure that is of the default fsx 747-400 VC? The VC in the image has lnav vnav and flch mode on the autopilot and the default 747 does not have those modes.


Are you using the FSND A. Lucena 747vc in your 747 aircraft perhaps?


Again though, lighting looks great! Very special!:cool:

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Well done, great eyes!


You've spotted my enhancements to the autopilot which was just a real mess in the default VC.


While Alejandro Rojas Lucena's improved 747 served as a great inspiration to me, the enhancements to the default VC that you see are mine and mine alone.


However, I am utilising most of the gauges in G Munro's fantastic 2D 747-400 panel (with permission - available from the flightsim.com library - search G Munro to see all his fantastic panels).


A couple more progress pictures below. I'm hoping to release in the next couple of months.







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