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Antonov 225 issues


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Does anyone have this? I can\t seem to get it to rotate even using the full length of the runway at full power.

The other thing is, from the cockpit view, there are no instruments at all showing..?

I\m going to start flying these plane next week and need to know if I am going to die! LOL (just kidding)

I\ve always thought it was cool, so I thought I would try it on FSX. hehehe

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Check your elevator trim setting to make sure it matches the specification for Take off setting.

Check the runway length to make sure you are meeting the minimum runway length specifications.

Check your fuel load to make sure your take off weight for the runway length is not exceeded.

Make sure you do not have a tail wind.

Check your flaps settings to make sure they are set properly for take off.

If the engines are not reaching full power by the end of the runway, spend some time spooling up before you release the brakes.



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