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B-36 A flight engineer's dream. A pilot's nightmare!

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Called "The Peacemaker," the US Air Force B-36 served from late 1940's until the mid 1950's when the all- jet B-47 became the long-range nuclear weapon carrier. The B-36 was a state of the art airplane in its day. The Flight Engineer was responsible for starting, maintaining and shutting down the 6 Radial Engines and 4 Jet Engines required to make it fly and to mission complete. No modern "Fly by Wire" or "Computer controlled Aircraft" involved here. Just straight old manpower, brain power and the guts to get it done. Though some of its pilots thought it was a beast to fly, it DID help do the job of keeping the peace during the beginning of the Cold War.


This presentation is a 360 degree viewing movement by moving your mouse. It is a 360 degree panorama of the flight engineers station and cockpit on a B-36. Six propeller-driven R-4360s and four J-47 jets to keep an eye on, plus fuel, pressurization, hydraulics, electrical, and other systems. Use your mouse to navigate the cockpit.

Use the mouse wheel for close-up or distance views :



Ciao Viva & Have Fun !


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