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Autogyro's Carenado PC12 Overhaul Mods + Repaints


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Hello all,


For anyone interested in my ongoing Carenado PC12 overhaul mods and any repaints, they will be posted in this thread.


Carenado PC12 Overhaul Mod


v1.8 Download link:






Here is the changelog from Carenado's SP1:


  • Engine ITT reading adjusted based on formula to take into account altitude, temperature and torque. This is the main purpose of the mod. There is, simply, no other way to correct ITT without using a custom variable and SimConnect.
  • ENGINE ITT gauge fixed - error in maths means the tick mark did not correspond to correct ITT value
  • Airframe drag adjusted to better match book values (was ~2 knots too fast)
  • Fuel consumption adjusted to match book values (now should match book values for fuel consumption almost exactly in ISA conditions)
  • .air file adjusted to update throttle position vs altitude to better match torque stability vs altitude.
  • Battery simulation amended. Should have ~60 minutes of battery power with batts on and everything off, ~40 minutes with everything on (basic)
  • Battery max voltage to 25.2 V, to allow sufficient time to start up prior to dropping below 24 VDC
  • Amps simulation amended - will display amps increase with electrical load changes (visual only due to FSX battery simulation)
  • STBY BUS behaviour corrected - will switch on the standby bus via battery 1. This means you can power up the airplane using the STBY BUS switch to do your lamp testing prior to battery start
  • CAWS Panel fixes:
  • PUSHER ICE MODE light - will come on with INERT SEP and PROP HEAT both switched on
  • N ESSENTIAL BUS light - will come on with battery VDC
  • PAS OXY light - will only switch on when supplying oxygen (in other case, when oxygen knob is turned to "ON")
  • Fuel pump cycling sound fixed - error in gauge string
  • Louder jet fuel pump sound
  • Engine Ng start up indication improved (fuel introduction at >13%, low idle lowered to ~60%)
  • Cabin temperature knob corrected - Cabin temp knob will now change your cabin temperature setting
  • 'Tapes and Eights' fix for EIS test
  • Viewpoint shifted slightly higher (I suggest setting your view angle slightly down to allow you to read the instruments)
  • Text size for cabin temp display increased
  • Bert's v2.4 autopilot/radio and v5.2 /transponder fixes included
  • Brake strength marginally increased
  • Corrections to autopilot altitude chime when set altitude reached
  • New KGs fuel display version
  • Corrections to EHSI behaviour. Correction to Kgs fuel mod .bmp
  • Drift angle bug added
  • Correction again to heading bug back to default
  • Correction to drift angle bug colour. Please ensure the mfd_centred_drift_bug.bmp is the only remaining .bmp file within your GAUGEPC12EHSI folder


Additional bonus content I have included:


  • Pilatus PC12 Short Checklist rev3
  • Louder fuel pump sound


Here is the roadmap for future updates:


  • (optional) sound update including custom sounds
  • (optional) additional repaints
  • Aircraft registration sticker above EADI
  • CAWS panel complete fix
  • Fuel kg display mod
  • Further corrections to the FDE
  • Plus bug fixing and tweaking as necessary.



N594WA Repaint




A repaint of N594WA, to spice up your flying in FSX/P3D. There are some corrections and additions to be made - these will be done on a 'when I have spare time' basis.




Jetfly LX-JFK Repaint


Hi guys,


Next repaint released! LX-JFK released for your enjoyment.






SurfAir N809SA Repaint


Another release, this time it's the brand new SurfAir livery, for N809SA.






Colorado DPS N327SF Repaint


A repaint of the Colorado Dept of Public Service PC12.





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Off topic, but as you seem to be quite acknowledged with the Carenado PC-12:


Could you post a pic where the ADF tuning hotspots are located ?

They SEEM to exist, and logically speaking should be somewhere around the ADF tuning knob, but trying to find and use them reminds me of an early 90's Sierra point-and-click game (which means I haven't found them yet).


In the case you do requests: a Flying Doctors repaint would be nice.



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Hi there,


The ADF is located above the EIS (where all the engine instrument readings are located) in the centre console. To adjust, you just need to mouse over the numbers themselves, then you'll see + or - (move the mouse up and down a bit to adjust the numbers).


As for the RFDS, jaydor has already produced a really awesome version, which you can find here: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/21746-pacific-carenado-pc12-vh-fvf-vh-owj-royal-flying-doctor-service/

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Thanks a lot !!!


Was searching the hotspots somewhere on the knob in stead.

For those interested: here they are... (the "squares" should be equally sized I guess, this is just an "artist's impression" :rolleyes: ). Pretty hard to tune without zooming.





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v1.6 released! Please see the first post. Includes a brand new feature - the drift angle bug, to help for wind correction as per the Pilatus PC12 Bendix King EHSI that you would get in real life.



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A couple of new things.


V1.8 released, to fix the drift angle bug colour.


A repaint of the Colorado DPS N327SF PC12 also released. Please see the first post.


Here's also the WIP shot for D-FUEL, the next repaint:




Thanks guys.

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enjoyed he surf air livery..... thanks!
http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii207/danroman56/danromansigabc.jpg --Dan Roman; Sunland, CA; FSX, Acceleration, ASE, Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit), Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9550 @2.83 GHz 2.83 GHz, 8.0 GB RAM; AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series.
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