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New PC for FSX

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Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some input about FSX performance on a new PC I just got.

So for context, I've been using FSX on my prior desktop for 8 years:


HP p7-1447c

Motherboard: MSI MS 777-8

CPU: AMD A8-5500

GPU: I don't think it had one? Based on specs I found here



Everything was decently ok, but once I really started ramming things up with aerosoft addons, scenery and traffic sliders, global ai traffic, high definition addon aircraft, etc, the frames really started slowing. After adding REX weather as well, recently it's become really bad and unplayable. The 4 or 5 most recent flights have been incomplete as about 20 minutes into flight fsx freezes and crashes due to running out of memory, etc. So I just decided to axe it and call it a day on the old pc.


Recently I got a new desktop arriving in a few days with the following specs:


CPU: 9th gen i7-9700F


Space: 1 TB hard drive + 480 GB SSD

GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060


I got this mainly for work which requires heavy processing, but was wondering would this be stable for fsx as well with all the same addons, settings, and otherwise non-default things on FSX that I had previously? Thanks very much and looking forward to hearing back from you guys. Thanks again!

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The new system will run FSX very well, and also Prepar3D.


However, it will not solve the issue you have where you run out of memory - that issue is because of the limitations of FSX that only can use a 4 GB space known as the VAS - virtual address space.


To get beyond that barrier, you'll need Prepar3D, from version 4 on.



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thanks for the reply, and oh man...all this time I thought prepar3d was an entirely new sim, I didn't know it was an addon for fsx. I definitely need to do some more research on it but I'm guessing all my current addons wouldn't work on p3d right? aerosoft sceneries, The Fruit Stand airline AI addons planes, airline AI flight planes, my current planes, etc. Thanks! Edited by indiantrollboss
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