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Saitek Throttle Quadrant TQ parts - DIY soldering Hall Effect kit

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Video link on YouTube:


These past few days I am working and evaluating on the Saitek TQ installation process for better cost and benefit improvement.

In my opinion it seems like the DIY soldering is the top choice for DIYers. The one with HE connectors is tedious and time consuming.

If one can take apart the TQ easily, then he or she will have no problem in soldering the wires I assumed.

So I will give up the connector version. Go simple....:).

If one does not have the skill in soldering, please find your friend to help.


Thanks for watching.

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On my second thought:


OR if you can twist the wires one by one together and use tape to secure and insulate the wires might work too, then no soldering is needed.

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