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Flight Simulator Files flight plans


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I was trying to clean up my old vista computer and I cleared all the docs out of Documents. Did not realize my flight plans were in this folder. I tried to put the flight plans back in the Document folder but it's not working. I cannot load or save a flight plan.

I start FS9 and then try and load/save a flight plan and it gives me these error messages. I have the old flight plans in the Flight

Simulator Files and they were grayed out but now they are not but still will not load or save a new one? I also cannot

save a flt plan to then make it be the default it says name this trip but I am not doing it right? Maybe a file extentsionIMG_4335.JPGIMG_4336.JPGIMG_4337.JPGIMG_4338.JPGIMG_4339.JPGIMG_4340.JPGIMG_4343.JPGIMG_4345.JPG.

I will try post the screenshots of the error. I did read all I could find on not saving flight plans and tried all options in finding the

path which I can but it gives me the same error. Thanks if someone can show me the new light. I am a newbie in this department.



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Just to be sure that nothing has got messed up with paths, because I think I see two documents folders in your screenshots (one called "DOCUMENTS" and one called "My Documents")...


Can you create a completely new flight with a newly created flightplan, and save it with an easily found name? FS will put the new files in the folder it wants you to use.


Outside of FS, open the folder /My Documents/Flight simulator files. Have the new .flt and .wx and .pln files appeared in the folder? Or in the "DOCUMENTS" folder? Or even somewhere else?


Also, third pic down on the right looks as though you're trying to use the docs folder rather than the flight sim files folder.



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