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If you search in your scenery folder for sandiego.bgl it will show you the file. And if you truly need to get it out of the way you can, but I wouldn't remove it, perhaps just add something like .sav to the end of the filename, then it's still there if you ever need it. Removing default stuff should be done with EXTREME CARE. And it's actually possible that your add-on needs that default, depending on how it's made.


However, since you're looking for the default one, you shouldn't have to do anything, since the add-on scenery should disable it or otherwise take care of that for you. So I suspect you have something installed incorrectly or some other problem (perhaps wrong priorities in the scenery library), not something that removal is the proper solution for, unless the installation instructions actually tell you to do so.


It's your choice, obviously, but be careful about this.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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Thank you. When I disabled the add-on San Diego so the default could take over the default scenery was a mess, trees around terminals, ground scenery all over runway, etc.. Must be more to my issue then I know about.
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