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I'd like to announce my plans for a pre-announcement tentatively scheduled for Q3 or Q4 of this year. Of course this timeline is not yet written in stone. The planned pre-announcement will concern an actual announcement to be made around Q2 of 2021 (please don't hold me to that). :D


If all goes according to plan, the announcement itself will concern a game-changing new product to be conceptualized shortly thereafter.


Those who "Can't wait," may wish to bookmark this space in their browsers so that they may be kept apprised of the progress of the plans for the upcoming pre-announcement.


Of course, any developer who chooses to withhold any announcement, pre-announcement, or planned pre-announcement until they have an actual product that is being released at the same time may feel free to do so.


Those of us who don't understand why a product that doesn't exist in its final form can or should be advertised will appreciate your respect for our time. So will those who prefer flying to waiting.

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Do you work for the Trump Administration?


I don't work there either but I, too, have no idea what you're talking about or why you even bothered with such a post to begin with. Do you assume that somebody actually cares? Plonk.....

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