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Addit for Xplane11


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Not sure if this is the place to ask this question, but someone may have an answer to my question. I purchased addit for xplane 11 at the beginning of April and it says 3-4 days to get the unlock code and here it is a month later and still no code. I have sent numerous emails trying to get my code but they are ignored. The money was already taken out of my account. If any one has any information about this it would be greatly appreciated.



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This is not the site of any seller. So we can not help by sending you the code.


As fellow users of sims and buyers as addons we may be able to help with advice.


(I am a simmer and I have bought a few addons, but I don't use x-plane.)


In your e-mail, check the spam-box. Sometimes when a licence code is sent the e-mail program sees it as spam. (Check the e-mail address you used to register at the site where you purchased the addon.)


Also, where exactly did you buy it. (post a link perhaps.). Knowing where you bought it will help others advise.



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I have had similar situations. If you used a credit card to pay, you can explain and dispute the charge with the bank or credit card issuer, who will then address the seller. In all cases it solved the problems in a few days!



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Hi...I'm new to all this, but have the same problem. Purchased Addit! Pro and have not received anything. I did a Google search and found this.....http://www.bensonfuneralhome.com/obituary_display.php?id=2080.

It appears the developer has passed away recently. Have contacted Shareit - Digital River to see if they can help.

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Thank You Bill for the info. I will also contact Paypal with this info.


il88pp, this is WHY I posted this for any information like this to help with the reason why I haven't gotten the unlock code.

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  • 3 months later...
Did you ever get the code????


I'm having the same problem.

I bought the program last week, have not received the code, no response

to any e-mails, and the web site is down.

I have no idea who to contact.

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