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advice on best mods


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Hi all

ive been playing il2 for sometime and never owned fsx until recently when i found it in a store for $19. Its the fsx gold edition. Ive played around with it and the sim looks huge. One thing that bugs me, the quality of the graphics. Ive done some reading online but i would now like to ask you guys. Which are the best mods for scenery and planes? Do you recommend the photorealistic scenery? Im sure these questions would have been asked before, is there a link to a post where i can read up? My aim is tk have fsx looking as real as it can be.


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If you are flying at altitudes 10,000 feet or above, then PhotoReal scenery would look good! Now an easy way to see similar posts about your inquiry is to scroll down to the section called "Similar Threads" and click on your choice to read through them.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Difficult to advise 'best'. In the file library on this site are literally thousands of great free addons. Aircraft, airports, sounds, liveries for aircraft, etc, etc. There are some addon programs, offered on external websites. To edit airports, add better weather, improve the look of the water, add real airlines around you, to create your own aircraft traffic, ship traffic, textures for better clouds, etc. Sites run in a professional way, but still free programs! (Sometimes with an added feature you can buy, but the main, fully usable program still free.).


There are paid addons too, but you can go years and years without ever buying one and still discover something new every day.

It's a journey of discovery. Try one at a time, and make sure it's working correctly 100% before moving on to the next. Don't stack errors on errors, or it gets hard to figure out what went wrong.

A forum search for "best addons" (in quotes) should turn up threads that give you some ideas. Also get familiar with the file library. Search for fsx files. Files that are only for fs2004 or earlier usually don't work.

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