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Captain Sim Legendary C-130 doesn't show landing gears


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No props or spinners either?


It's not correctly installed, or you've tried porting your plane from another PC or from a backup. As I recall, the CS version has some heavy-duty copy-protection that presumably relies on your PC's registry. It requires the correct installer, probably an internet connection and lots of patience, especially as CS have changed their server since the plane was released. Also, CS aren't very helpful. Also, their knowledgebase has disappeared. Also, they don't answer enquiries. Also... Also...


If the installation didn't register correctly, or if that part of your registry has changed, or if you've made fundamental hardware changes, then the gear and props are invisible.


There are instructions for offline installation, and unlockers, available from CS but this time around I couldn't get them to work, not under Win 10 nor on a newly built XP machine.


It's my favourite plane. For 3 years I've been without it as my old PC died and backups don't seem to work either... (struggling instead with the supposedly identical P3d version)


Recently though (this was a genuine epiphany) I realised that Just Flight once sold a no-authentication Captain Sim C130-E and C130-K on DVD. All that's missing is my favourite J variant.


Guess what I'm flying now. My DVD had been gathering dust in the spare room for over a decade. You might be able to find one on ebay.



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