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Gen-X Scilly Isles and Alderney - yes, those old ones!


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Question 1.

Anyone have the cd versions, that's the v1 cd versions, of Gen-X Earth Simulations Scilly Isles and Alderney?

Have you been able to install by bypassing the annoying and rather defunct online verification process, ESI installer?

Obviously this no longer works as Earth Sims are defunct.


Question 2.

You can use 7-Zip or similar to extract the scenery however try as I might I cannot get two of the areas to install and the cfg files are all encrypted. They just hang the sim (I'm using P3D however assume it's the same process to FSX).


Anyone worked out how to install these from the discs and can explain what to do ?

Annoying as I have all the other areas installed no problem (excluding Isle of Man and Guensey).





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