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I saw some post about Flight 1 and Ultimate Terrain but they were old posts. Is Ultimate Terrain still

available and is Flight 1 a legit company? Its home page says 2020 but I have gotten nothing but headaches trying to make an account

sign into an account purchase the Ultimate Terrain I think it's trying to get your money. I wanted to update the scenery mesh, terrain and this program was highly touted. But I must be missing something because it runs you around in circles and takes your money and no

product? I'm a newbe to 2004 so I'm sure it has something to do with it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated or if someone can suggest a mesh and terrain upgrade I would greatly appreciate it.


I did download the FSGenesis and to my knowledge installed it correctly but it showed no difference in the scenery?


I had to question as it says it lists the Latitude in the map diagram that coordinates to the SW corner of the map the mesh covers but the numbers did not add up to me for what the map showed, and maybe thats why no difference I just did a state and showed no difference?




Thanks Sterk

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I have a Flight 1 account and have no problems purchasing items,


This is the link to the Flight 1 home page, and if you follow the

images, you should get to the page that contains the downloads

for the classic titles, but you will have to install the download the

Flight 1 download agent first.










Hope this may help, good luck,




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i7-4770K 4.60 GHz (Hyperthreading off) Liquid Cooling 16GB G-Skill DDR3 GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB 500GB WD Blue 3D SSD SATA III x4 Creative Sound Z Sound Card 5.1Ch 24BitAvermedia video capture card CH Yoke and Rudder NZXT Fan Controller Windows10 64 Prof FS9 - FSX -FSX-SE Track Hat
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