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GAS to LUK cont'd

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We're now leaving 92OH


8 Climbout GE.jpg


9 Level between clouds.jpg


10 Clouds Increasing!.jpg


11 KLUC INSIGHT  Still VFR Barely.jpg


12 CVG went IFR LUC still VFR on Downwind to 7.jpg


13 Cincinnati ahead still on Downwind to 7.jpg


14 Turning to Final 7.jpg


15 Lining up for 7.jpg


16 A little high on Final.jpg


17 Parked!!  Now I'll have some of Jan's Highland Park!.jpg


18 KLUK Rower View.  Yes, it's getting worse..jpg


Any yes, LUK did go IFR not long after I took that last screenshot. RW I never did that serious scud running except on chopper S&R launches!! It's not fun!!



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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