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Avare moving map on android tablet and x-plane


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I am new with Flight simulation. I am a private pilot.

I have a problem I can't solve with my x-plane 11.


I have down loaded avare moving map onto a Samsung Android Tablet. The Avare App works fine on the Tablet.

My x-plane 11 is on my PC and works fine. The PC is new and has the capacities required for x-plane.


I have not been able to make the PC and the Samsung Tablet connect. When I take off on my PC with my Archer, the plane on the avare map does not move.

Both are on the same WIFI, the PC is connected via cable to the router, the tablet of course is wireless. Can that setup cause the problem? Or is it a setting in X-plane I have wrong? I have tried for days, viewed many youtube clips etc. no success.


Is there anybody out there that could have a solution for this? It would be very much appreciated.


PS: The avare moving map is not listed on the x-plane software as an option, but many youtube clips mentioned, that avare can be used with x-plane11 on an Android Tablet, am I wrong there?


Thanks for reading this

Best regards

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Here is some more info see the Forum here:


Here is some info:

I just tested XP1150b3 Avare 812 Avare IO 404 and some earlier versions of Avare and IO and they all work fine.

Start PC and connect WiFi to your service, Start Avare and connect to WiFi, Start Avare send to background (Home key), Start Avare IO and write down the port it uses, Start XP11 and go to Settings>Network>Enable (LClick) iPhone,iPad... select Broadcast to all, and Transmit to a single mapp.... confirm that IP address is the same as the Avare IO, if not change it to the same , Port should be 49002 in both if not change to that.

LC on Done and you should see data steaming in the Avare IO, if not something is wrong retrace your steps. Send Avare IO to background (Home key), restart Avare (LC) and you should find yourself at the airport where XP acft is situated.

Post here if need more help, or find something out of sequence.


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