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Does anybody know of any good FSX add-on deals? In particular, I'm looking for a good and realistic (panel and flight characteristics) Airbus A380. I have viewers requesting me to use that aircraft more and more in my YouTube videos and I want to get the best one possible. Thanks!
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Eric -There are some pretty nice freeware downloads out there! Here's one I have in my hangar!




This is one with the Airbus house livery, but plenty other Jetliner liveries available. Nice panels out there also!


Rick :cool:

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A good freeware A380 is the Project Airbus A380-800, search the library for "Project Airbus A380-800" in the "FSX: FSX Jetliners" section, this will have complete aircraft packages with FSX models, I think that is was is in the image posted. Or you could visit the Project Airbus website here.
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