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Saitek Yoke basic setup advice needed for Win 7 and FSX steam


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I need help getting my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke set up properly with FSX steam. I got this yoke used, and it did not come with any documentation or software. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. When I go into the device manager area for the yoke, all the buttons and switches and controls show that they are moving and responding.


I have gone to Saitek website and downloaded drivers and Smart Technology software. I have tried to follow their FAQs etc. I have read info on power settings on one’s USB ports (I have not changed any of these settings) and talk of null settings, sensitivity settings, calibration settings, etc. Folks talk of making settings changes in FSX, and also in Windows 7. I have read where some have instructed to not have more than one piece of software receiving the yoke inputs, but in my case I may have Windows 7, FSX, and Saitek’s Smart Technology software all getting in each other’s way.


I have looked in many forums and YouTube videos for help on setting up this stuff from beginning to end, but have not had much luck understanding it all. Some of the problems I am having is the brakes do not work correctly with the yoke (if I press the “.” on the keyboard they work correctly). When I press the button on the yoke, I have to keep pressing it over and over to get a little braking. I also found the elevator trim on the yoke didn’t work, and then found if I pressed the Num Lock key on my wireless Dell keyboard that they would then work (my keyboard doesn’t have any indicator lights to tell you the state of this.) Is this normal to have to have the keyboard Num Lock key in a certain state for the yoke to work properly?


Can someone point me in the right direction on how to set my Saitek yoke up from start to finish to work best with FSX steam? (I have searched several times already here and not found what I was looking for.) I am good at following details instructions.


Thank you for your time!

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This was a response I got from another forum that helped:



You don't need the saitek software to set up your yoke. Run FSX=SE and select Settings and the Controls. Ensure Controller Type is set to Saitek Yoke. Select Buttons and in the Event Column look for Brakes (apply/release} In joystick column it should be set to Button 01, Ensure that slider in Repeat column is set fully to the right. Brakes should now work correctly using button 1 on your yoke. If you need to allocate other buttons you find the event you want to allocate in the left column, highlight it and then select New assignment when prompted press the button you wish to allocate and it will appear in the window then just select OK.


You can check your Control Axis movement and allocate flaps and throttle to levers under the Control Axis tab.


Hope that helps.

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