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is there a scenery for Tempelhof and French Riviera?


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1. Tempelhof.



2. costal GA airports around Nice (Cannes Mandelieu, LFTH, LFTZ etc)



The french VF-Air sceneries are good IMO.

Didn't try Tempelhof, as the Accel version is sufficient for me, for the times I fly into there.



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I find a few. I go to: "File Library" - "Advanced Search"

then type:


No other settings.

It finds 20 results.


In the scenery library (in your fsx) the area for Berlin can be switched on and off. Maybe have a look at that too.



I also find something when I type: lftz

(one result only there.)


lfth finds none.



Good to know, most FS2004 airports work fine in fsx. Only way to be sure is to try them out, and trying them is pretty easy. You will know if it's something you want quicker then when asking. Only you can really tell if you think it is nice....


Some designers call their airport creation "Afcad for .... " in the library. But they are the same as other airport files.


An ADE file is often still referred to as an AFCAD. Those files only contain the information of what objects, runways etcetera will appear and where it appears. All those objects you see have their own object files, that are already present in your fsx.


Only very rarely do airports come with extra objects. The designer can only do that if he created the objects himself.

Well, sometimes he lists a library of objects that someone else published. You then need to download and install those to see the scenery in all it's glory.


(The name "Afcad" comes from an older program which was used to create airport files for FS2004. That program is called AFCAD. A newer program to create airport files is ADE, among others, but the files are still sometimes referred to as Afcad's.)

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