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Reverser on throttle quadrant

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I'm trying to make reverse thrust usable on a throttle by assigning a keypress (F2) to an area under a certain percentage, below what I would set to idle. But I can't find such software to do so, and although the full version of FSUIPC can probably do it, I don't need all of the extras it comes with. A more in-depth (read, 'confusing') explanation of the setup below.


It uses a saitek throttle quadrant, but the version that doesn't have its own controller board (it would go through a saitek yoke), so I wired its (the throttle's) pots to the 'board of an old joystick.


This means that calibration through windows is like a joystick - it has me move an axis over its entire range, then leave it at center, then do the next axis. I noticed that if I leave the sticks at the detent when it asks me to "center" the axis, then the 50% mark is then set at the detent - upper 50% requires more movement, while lower is smaller and much more sensitive.


So I then could set the upper 50% to "normal throttle" and the lower band to a button for decreasing throttle below idle. But, I can't find a program that has this banded mode. I think the x52 software has something like this.


Also, I'm using two separate axes for throttle, if that matters.



P.S. - Would JoyToKey work? I hear of people using it for this purpose but no explanation of how...

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