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fighter sweep

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When I was about 13 years old circa 1993 my mom and I were at a yard sale and there before me were two very old die cast WWII planes. One was a German something or other and the other was the plane shown here. I don't know the name of it. I played with my planes and all of my military micro machines all the time. And to this day I have each and every single one in a tote including those two planes. My sole job of the house back then was to take out the trash and for doing so my grandma would give me a whole $5. And every week I'd take that $5 and go to Toys Я Us and buy a set of military micro machines. Back then you got five in a package for around $5.


Toys Я Us was pretty awesome back then. It's where I amassed most of my toy guns and my favorite toy line of all, Spy Tech made by Tyco. I had damn near every single one and sleuthed around the neighborhood.

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Well done! Love it :pilot:

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