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Crashing to Desktop...

Minas Man

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Good afternoon, all...:)


seems like the only time I visit this place is when I have a problem. Well, here's the latest. My X-Plane 11 keeps crashing to desktop. I have no idea why. I take of from Edward AFB in California. I level off at 5,000 feet. I begin a 360 degree turn. Then the computer crashes. Every time.


My specs are as follows:

Video card = GeForce gtx 1660

CPU = Intel core i7-9700 cpu @ 3.00 ghz

CPU Speed = 4.7ghz

Ram = 8gb

OS = Windows 10 (64bit)

Disk Space Free = 768gb

Sound Card = Nvidia Hch defin


I can't even update my Nvidia driver because the site for some reason won't let me create an account (another problem).


Other than that, all is well.


Sure will be glad when I can fly an airplane. Seem like ever since I transferred over from FSX, all I'm getting is computer problems :(


Oh well, have a nice day, guys...

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You don't need to sign in to anything to get your GPU driver. It's here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx


Use the drop downs to get the driver for your GPU.



As to the crash to desktop, have you looked through event viewer? It's in the Administrative Tools of the control panel.


Now I don't have Windows 10 or X-Plane, so I may be of little help, but I'm sure 10 has an event viewer and in there could help shed light on the issue.


Do you have any add-ons installed into X-plane? Specifically at KEDW?

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