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Alyemda (Yemen) Fleet repaints

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Hey there,


I've done 5 repaints of Alyemda and uploaded them. Should be ready for download within the next 24 hours.



"Alyemda was founded by presidential decree om March 11 1971. It was the national airline of South Yemen (Aden). It replaced Brothers Air Services (BASCO) as the new national carrier. It acquired the BASCO fleet of DC-3s and the DC-6B. Alyemda's first jetliner, a Boeing 720B, previously operated by American Airlines, was delivered on November 25, 1974 and put to work early in 1975 on a daily service to Jeddah. Between 1979-1981 707s were purchased, together with a Tu-154. In 1983 the route network was : Abu Dhabi, Addis Ababa, Al Ghayday, Beihan, Bombay, Damascus,Djibouti, Jeddah, Kuwait, Mogadishu, Qishn, Riyan, Sana’a, Seiyan, Sharjah, and Socotra. 1984 saw them receive 2 737-200s, followed by a leased A310-300 from Airbus Industrie in 1993. Alyemda merged with Yemenia Airways Corporation to form Yemenia, on May 26, 1996."




1a Alyemda DC-3.jpg

1b Alyemda DC-3.jpg

1c Alyemda DC-3.jpg


2a Alyemda DC-6A.jpg

2b Alyemda DC-6A.jpg

2c Alyemda DC-6A.jpg


3a Alyemda 707-336C.jpg

3b Alyemda 707-336C.jpg

3c Alyemda 707-336C.jpg



4a Alyemda 737-200.jpg

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Nicely done! Like the history. The airline came into existence on my birthday :D

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Thanks fellas, glad you like them. It's good to keep Peer, David, Gerard, and Larry, happy, it keeps them out of trouble :D

Thanks also to macroburst.


Now onto my next airline. It's an airline from Latin America. Let's play a little game, can anyone guess which airline it is? You each have 3 guesses.

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