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FSRealWX question.


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Hello All

I have been using FSRealWX weather Pro and also 3 for sometime. My question to fellow users have you noticed wild wind direction changes that result in the plane your flying being shoved around the sky in a most unsettling and increasingly irritating manner.

I know that turbulence is a part of flying, but surely not every flight and this extreme magnitude too.

As well as this more often than not during the course of a flight the external wind speed will increase as I approach cruise altitude until reaches 99kts (it will actually be more than this) ,but 99kts seems to be the max that FSRealWX will display.

In short!

Has anyone here at Fs.com experienced anything similar.

PS I also experiance sudden dramatic airspeed changes as well, for instance as an example I may go from m75 to 60 in an instant or vice versa.


Cheers Andrew

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Hiya, Socks! I still use the "real weather" part of my Sim. Yeah, I know it's not updating anymore but if you just hit OK, it puts in whatever weather was available for that particular day when the updating stopped. Depending on where I am flying, the altitude, and conditions, I feel like I'm being bounced around like a basketball! :eek:


It might have to do with the prevailing winds at high altitude.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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If you have the FSUIPC full version you can limit wind direction changes and turbulence effects, or disable turbulence altogether.

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Hello Zip

I also tried using the weather downloads from within the sim itself (as you describe)when they were available, but I found that just like FSRealWX I was also thrown around the sky at regular intervals.

I used active sky 6.5 (I think it was that version) for a long time and had no problems with that ,but it's no longer available or supported.

As Tiger mentioned in his post it seems that the payware version of Fsuipc may be the only solution to being thrown about in this orrible manner.

I tried for ever and a half to get FS metar to work to give that a try ,but no joy.

Maybe I'll have to PAY for a new weather program ....PAY that pains me Sir🙂


Thanks for your thoughts guys.

I could of course select a weather theme (of which I have many, but it's not the same as the weather is predictable)



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Before I got FSGlobalWeather I used to alter the weather settings in the sim, you can tick the box 'User Defined Weather' then go on 'Cutomize Weather' then change a few things in there plus the rate of change, it does work, I've set off in bad weather and it has cleared as time moves on or visa-versa.



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