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Need help/info building a Flight Simulator for a Kids Educational Foundation charity.


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Building a Flight Simulator for a Kids Educational Foundation charity


Hi guys, I need some help...


I have been asked by a friend to help consult on a new Flight Simulator Cockpit build at an Educational charity called the Past Foundation here in Columbus, Ohio. It's a collaboration between business and education to present educational opportunities to kids. Our first meeting is next week, and I am trying to gather some basic info on what may be the best path forward to reach the goal of this flight sim experience.


Since I primarily fly DCS my knowledge of the capabilities of the civilian flight sims is very limited. So, I can help them with the hardware setup ideas, but I need help with the software side...


The goal as I understand it is to let the kids experience the flight of 'The first female certified civilian pilot from Afghanistan' named Shaesta Weiz, who flew around the world in a Beechcraft Bonanza.


At this point, with our first meeting at the PAST Foundation being next week, I wanted to try and understand what might be out best choices/options for the Flight Sim software.


  • Which ones allow export of cockpit data to actually build a real world cockpit
  • Which ones also have a Beechcraft Bonanza?
  • Any 3rd Party Software to consider?
  • Other things to consider? Vulkan/Metal API; Future Development; Graphics quality; etc...


Flight Sim Choices:

  • X-Plane 11 (Vulkan/Metal API)
  • Prepar3D
  • Aerofly FS 2
  • MS Flight Simulator 2020


Additionally, there is a Flight Sim company here in Columbus that I am going to call and see if they would be willing to help consult on this. And if there is anybody in the flight sim community here who also lives near Columbus and is interested in helping, and also has built a cockpit or parts of one that might be helpful. I am also just helping and will need to pass this by the people at the PAST Foundation. But I am sure they would like any help they can get.


Thanks in advance!



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