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airport AI enhancer X


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Sir, Need directions on how do aircraft appear on list when they are in the aircraft folder. When added to aircraft folder I have some that appear when refreshed and some that don't. What in the crafts folder makes them work? ....HELP

Ted PS change to some file then what change and to what file?

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It is somewhat unclear to me what you really are asking here.


If your question is about how you make flyable aircraft appear in the aircraft list, you need to make sure that they go into the correct folder (in most cases that would be \SimObjects\Airplanes), and that they have a panel and a sound folder, which is also referred to in the individual aircraft's fltsim.x entry in the aircraft.cfg folder.


Example from aircraft.cfg here from the default Airbus A321:



title=Airbus A321 Paint2A









atc_airline=World Travel



ui_type="A321 F-MSAB"

ui_variation="World Travel Airlines"

ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner"

ui_createdby="Microsoft Corporation"

description="The Airbus A321 is a stretched version of Airbus’ best-selling short- and medium-range A320. The A321 has a slightly increased wing area, stronger landing gear with larger tires, and engines with increased thrust. When the A321 entered service in 1988, it pioneered the use of “glass cockpit” instrumentation, the first digital fly-by-wire control system used in an airliner, and sidestick controllers."


If the lines with panel= and sound= are not there, or the sound and panel folders are missing from the aircraft, it will not show up in the selectable aircraft list.


If your question is about something else, then please explain.



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I don't know this program but (IF) you already have the traffic plans enabled maybe some AI isn't showing because of the sliders are low and some plans have the aircraft set to a higher % in the plans.

But remember pushing the sliders high can also have an effect on the sims performance if you only have a moderate PC.

Just another thought.



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