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Help Carenado C90.


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I need to figure out only few things there:


1. my GNS 430 (or GPS400) can't be turned on, I think this entire devise/gauge is missing. Please see the picture posted, it doesn't even look like the one in the manual and in the videos on youtube. My copy is a registered official copy.


2. Avidyne multifunction display, is it possible to select it as a stand-alone window (like the FMS on PMDG aircraft)? It's very small and I have to zoom up within VC to see it clearly.


3. (this is rather educational) the flight path appears on the MFD when you load the flightplan within FSX, there is no way to enter it manually. How is it done on a real airplane with real MFD devise?


4. the path line on navigation display is barely visible (no matter what range is set and how close you zoom up), but I guess you can do much about it because that's the way it's made.


5. flight model feels too light and too sensitive to controls, even the singles (Cessnas/Pipers) feel heavier. Any way to tone down the sensitivity?


It's very pretty and lovely, autopilot works fine, VC is a beauty but the problems I listed have to be solved so this airplane is appreciated at full.


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