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Full List of new Flyable Aircraft in TFS 5.0

ATAG Pattle

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TFS 5.0 - New Flyable Aircraft


Work is well underway in the completion of all new aircraft being introduced to TFS 5.0, the highly anticipated expansion of IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz.


Whilst the new North Africa map is generating much excitement and deservedly so, the sheer amount of new flyable aircraft, whether totally new, or new tropical variants to existing Cliffs aircraft that historically took part in the North African theatre has previously not been stated in one announcement.


This is that announcement! :)


New flyable aircraft variants: 45


New Flyable aircraft variants including Tropical versions: 71


New flyable aircraft at release of Team Fusion Simulations 5.0




Bf109E-7 (DB601Aa) (also Tropical Version)

Bf109E-7N (DB601N) (also Tropical Version)

Bf109E-7Z (DB601N + GM-1 Nitrous Injection) (also Tropical Version)


Bf-109F-1 with MG/FFM

Bf-109F-2 with MG151/15mm (DB601N)

Bf-109F-2 with MG151/20mm (DB601N) (also Tropical Version)


Bf-109F-4 (DB601E 1.30ata) (also Tropical Version)

Bf-109F-4-Late (DB601E 1.42ata) (also Tropical Version)

Bf-109F-4/R1 (DB601E 1.42ata, underwing 20mm gunpods) (also Tropical Version)

Bf-109F-4Z (DB601E 1.42ata + GM-1 Injection) (also Tropical Version)


Ju-88A-5 (also Tropical Version)

Ju-88A-5-Late (with upgraded Jumo 211F engine) (also Tropical Version)

Ju-88C-2 (conversion of Ju-88A-1 short wing version)

Ju-88C-2-Late (conversion of Ju-88A-5 long wing version)

Ju-88C-4 (with Jumo 211F engine, long wing) (also Tropical Version)

Ju-88C-4-Late (with Jumo 211F, long wing and added twin 20mm gunpod) (also Tropical Version)


Heinkel He-111H-6 Torpedo bomber (with upgraded Jumo 211F engine) (also Tropical Version)


Bf-108 Taifun Trainer/Personal Transport*




Fiat CR-42

Macchi C-202 Series III

Macchi C-202 Series VIII




Dewoitine D.520 Series 1 (Hispano 12Y45 engine)




Gladiator Mk II (also Tropical Version)


Spitfire Mk IIB (Spitfire IIA with two 20mm cannon, four .303)

Spitfire Mk VA (Merlin 45, eight .303 +12 boost)

Spitfire Mk VB (Merlin 45 two 20mm cannon, four .303 +12 boost) (also Tropical Version)

Spitfire Mk VB-Late (+16 boost) (also Tropical Version)

Spitfire Mk VB-HF (Merlin 46 High Altitude +12 boost) (also Tropical Version)

Spitfire Mk VB-HF-Late (Merlin 46 High Altitude +16 boost) (also Tropical Version)


Hurricane Mk IIA (Merlin 20, eight .303 +12 boost) (also Tropical Version)

Hurricane Mk IIB (twelve .303, option for Bombs +12 boost) (also Tropical Version)

Hurricane Mk IIB-Late (twelve .303, option for Bombs +14 boost) (also Tropical Version)

Hurricane Mk IIC (four 20mm, option for Bombs +12 boost) (also Tropical Version)

Hurricane IIC-Late (four 20mm, option for Bombs +14 boost) (also Tropical Version)

Hurricane IID Tankbuster (+14 boost) (ONLY Tropical Version)


Beaufighter Mk IF - Late (with Hercules XI) (also Tropical Version)

Beaufighter Mk IC (with Hercules XI, bombs) (also Tropical Version)


Wellington IA + Tropical version

Wellington IC (with waist gun positions, standard CSBS Bombsight) + Tropical version

Wellington IC-Late (with waist gun positions, advanced Mk XIV bombsight) + Tropcial version

Wellington IC-T (torpedo version with front turret, bombardier removed) - Tropical version



Tomahawk Mk IIB (48 inches boost)

Tomahawk Mk IIB-Late (54 inches boost)

Kittyhawk Mk IA (56 inches boost)

Martlet III


Tropical Versions of existing CLIFFS OF DOVER aircraft

Bf-110C models


Heinkel 111H

Hurricane I/I-FB

Blenheim I/IV


Cockpit flashcards and short manuals will be included in the release, ensuring experienced and new pilots will be able to competently operate and fly these aircraft within a very short period of familiarization.


These documents will be available in the following languages, in alphabetical order:







Russian and



We hope the large number of new aircraft and variants will bring players many hours and years of WWII flight simulation enjoyment and action.


Let us know which aircraft you are most keen to fly!





TFS Team



*to be confirmed at time of release.

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