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Fixing AI Traffic


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Hi all,


So, I`ve been having all sorts of stutters in my FS 2004 setup.


After searching on the topic a bit, and experimenting, I found out the stutters disappear when I

disable my AI traffic...


Can you guys please give me some tips on how to fix my AI traffic?



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It could be the textures. It may be all or just one aircraft in particular. To weed that possibility out, turn your AI back on and go to different airports with planes of different varieties at the gates and in the air as best as you can.


You haven't turned any flyable planes into AI, have you?


There is a tool of which I can't remember its name now that can change the textures from BMP to DXT. That should help with frame rates. If someone here knows the name of that tool post its name.

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Hi CRJ_simpilot,

I apologise. Perhaps it was, because the administrator had to unlock my answer first (because I am a "newbie" here?). You answered one hour after my post.

Many regards


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I convert all AI textures to DXT3 with mipmaps. It seems to work for me. Depending how many AI textures you have installed, converting them with DXTBMP could be a long drawn out process.


I recently found a post about this utility over at the AIG forum.


Texture Manager version 2.1.03.




I have found this tool very useful when converting a large amount of textures even from DDS to BMP for use in FS9.


Also ensure that any DXT3 textures have an Alpha Channel as this can also cause stutters.


There's another tool for searching texture files without Alpha Channels, called AlphaSearcher.


You can find more information about it here.



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Aside form the above answers, if you are trying to use aircraft designed to be flown by you, not a great idea.


For sure, but a better idea would be having more AI aircraft. Until that even would happen, there is no other choice than using flyable models. And have a high performing PC.



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