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Sky Harbor 2019

liner simpilot

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I just downloaded the Sky Harbor 2019 scenery. I have downloaded scenery's a lot thru the years. I did everything right. I was wondering if anyone else has downloaded this file, as I get this appearance at the airport (see screen print). I like the fact that my previous sky harbor had the US air hanger now american.


Thanks Kenny

phx sky harbor 2019.jpg

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Perhaps the the scenery wasn't activated correctly?


Have a look at this program and you can see activated scenery and it will tell you if there are errors.



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The error message shows a SkyHarbor2009 subfolder within the addon scenery's SkyHarbor2009 folder. Look in the FS directory to see if that is the case. Check that the scenery and texture folders are in the SkyHarbor2009 subfolder.


If you have only one SkyHarbor2009 folder containing the scenery and texture folders, then correct the path in the scenery.cfg file.

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