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Confusing AI Traffic Behaviour

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Hi Everyone,


I hope that someone or some people, can advise me with a problem I am having, with my Virtual Airline (The Virtual Airline, isn’t run by human pilots, but by FSX BGL Flightplans). I have noticed that my virtual airline AI Traffic moderated and run by FSX Steam Edition, are parking at remote stands. For example at Gatwick Airport, they are either parking at the remote stands, south of Pier 6 (The Pier of the North Terminal that is connected by the high transfer bridge), the Cargo parking spots, or the North Terminal remote stands to the left of the terminal. I have also noticed that my AI Traffic, are using the large cargo and large parking spots by Terminal 4 at Heathrow, and also are parking at the remote stands to the right of the old terminal 2 at Birmingham Airport, and also at the large parking area, north of the new International Pier at Birmingham Airport too.


Is there something to do with FSX, that are causing my AI Traffic to use remote stands? Please also note, that this behaviour happens with or without AFCAD files, that contain airline assigned parking codes.

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What does the AI parking say in the aircraft.cfg?



does it say RAMP or CARGO, it should say GATE?

And/or are the parking spots taken by other pax aircraft at these airports, if so your AI will go to the other free spots like on the ramp?



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