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adding a simple HUD to any aircraft?


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can i add a HUD to my edge 540 (or any plane that doesn't come with a HUD)?


i've noticed that my virtual cockpit is eating 10-15fps (on a high end 3 monitor system) and i have it zoomed into the panel gauges only, my outside views are on another monitors, so i don't want to display the cockpit insides at all.


all i need is airspeed, g meter and compass (maybe fuel) and i'd be perfectly happy with simple text overlays on the corner of the screen, anything that doesn't eat CPU


any ideas please?



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Depending on how your plane's panel is configured go to your 2D panel, keep pressing the w key and you should eventually get a minipanel. You can add one if you don't have one. The minipanel is a default feature of FSX. All you need is the panel entries.



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This is the HUD fro Dino Cataneo's F14 FSX aircraft. It Pops up as >shift1

file in library: f14dfsxav220.zip

You can easily add that as a gauge to your aircraft.


From the panel folder you will need to copy the HUD folder to your panel folder.


Then edit your panel.cfg

Add in:

[Window Titles]

the line

Window00=Main panel


And below the complete:




You will have to change the number 00 in both, so it lines up with the other gauges in the panel.

Your 00 section now is likely your main panel.

In this F14 there is no main panel, 2D is flying HUD only in the f14. But in your aircraft you can easily have both. And have both showing at the same time, the panel and the hud.


I'm not sure this HUD has all the info you need, but it's a start.



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Z does that, no ?




one shiftZ just brings up speed lat/long/alt/speed and wind for me, plus its a bit too small to read easy


the minipanel 'w' key is kinda a nice but needs customizing for my plane, max speed for edge540 is about 220 and i don't need turn coordinator but do need g meter, so unless i can customize it, not much use


(actually, i'm reading this http://www.simforums.com/forums/w-key-sequence_topic41054.html and maybe i can customize it "As for the minipanel, there is a "default minipanel" which will be displayed during the "W" key cycle unless a custom minipanel view is defined in the aircraft's panel.cfg file. Thus it is possible to add a new minipanel that will (1) be controlled by the "W" key cycle, and (2) be designed as a "landing/flight view" such that you've asked about. That part is in your hands.")



still going thorough other replies



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i found out how to customize the minipanel, its pretty easy actually


just need to add a few lines to your aircraft's panel.cfg


at the start


Window02=Mini Panel (or use the next window number available, unless there is a minipanel in there already)


then in the Window defs sections, add the minipanel layout, mine is











gauge00=Extra-300!Airspeed, 22,20,80

gauge01=Extra-300!G-meter, 111,20,80

gauge02=Extra-300!Attitude, 202,20,80

gauge03=Extra-300!Directional-Gyro, 291,20,80

gauge04=Extra-300!Vertical-Speed, 379,20,80


the gauges i found from another aircraft. the numbers to the right of the gauge are x,y,size


you can also use fspanelstudio to lay it out, select minipanel on startup


i guess i don't need a HUD now but thanks to il88pp anyhow

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There are several GP HUDs in the library, and you can just plug them into any airplane's panel easily, or you can use a HUD you like off an FA-18, F-14, whatever.


There are also a number of different "default" minipnels available, of which I personally prefer the Minipanel3 version. You can throw that in and then ANY airplane without it's own "built-in" minipanel, so to speak, will display it on the W keypress. Being a superior (IMO) minipanel, I have even commented out a number of minipanel entries in a number of aircraft so they will utilize it. It will "choose" either propellor, jet, or helicopter to display depending on the aircraft you are using atm, up to 4 engines. Maybe not the best for a B-52, let's say, but other than that...I prefer to use it for t/o and landing in taildraggers (the F-4U for example) which can be bloody hard to guide down the runway with that big fat nose out in front. Minipanel3 also has a great number of gauges that aren't normally included in most aircraft, such as the RKG-FuelStat, a TCAS, etc. Just about any gauge you can want or need for any flight in any aircraft, in one easy to find and use location. Cockpit Command is an amazingly useful gauge.

Again, there are several available, and this happens to fit my needs best, in MY opinion only. Essentially, version 3 is a mix of the Analog (v1) and the Digital (v2) minipanels that had come before. There is also a purely digital minipanel that seems very well suited to the tube-liners...like I say, a variety. Just search the Library for "minipanel" (no quotes, obviously).




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I use this simple Altitude-Airspeed-Heading datastrip along the top of the screen because the text is bigger and easer to read than the stock datastrip. You can also change the colours to whatever you prefer-





This thread tells us how to do it, it's called the 'Infogauge'-


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I'm with you on HUD and the minipanel3. Use them constantly on most planes. Might also try flt info gives you great information.

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