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Extending the terrain range


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Assuming you mean the LOD_RADIUS setting, 6.5 works pretty well for me and generally seems to be considered a safe tweak for most.


I've had it up to 8.5 and it looks great, but tends to cause crashes when using anything other than photoscenery (especially ORBX).


It really depends on your system and other settings how high you can go. Also remember that the cfg file will default it if you make any other changes in the fsx scenery and graphics menus (edit - sorry Jim already said that).


p.s. - I think you can fiddle around with the filtering and mipmapping to improve things, but can't remember offhand what and how, but you may want to explore these areas too).



Ryzen 5800X3D, Nvidia 3080 - 32 Gig DDR4 RAM, 1TB & 2 TB NVME drives - Windows 11 64 bit MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe Edition Resolution 2560 x 1440 (32 inch curved monitor)

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