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TWA "Star Stream" Double Globe fleet repaints

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Hey guys,


I've just uploaded 10 repaints of my all time favorite livery - TWA's "Star Stream" double globe. I remember as a 6 year old seeing this livery and it stuck in my memory up to now. it was mainly the double globes on the tail that grabbed me. I wanted to paint this livery for a long while, and I guess now was the time to do it. As for TWA's subsequent livery, with the red bars, that came out in the mid 1970s, I guess it was ok, but that's about it. It had nowhere near the pull for me, as those magical double globes did.


here's some info:

TWA was one of the two great U.S. intercontinental carriers of the jetliner golden era, the other being PanAm. They plied the world with their shiny 707s, DC-8s, and 747s, well before many other US carriers did so. TWA was also interesting, as it was run by the enigmatic Howard Hughes. On January 25,1959 TWA launched its first jet service on between New York and San Fransisco. The route was chosen by Howard Hughes himself, to compete with American Airlines new jet service between New York and Los Angeles. The plane, a 707-131, sported the new 'Star Stream' double globe livery, one of the most iconic liveries in civil aviation history. TWA carried this livery for almost 20 years, when it was phased out in the late 1970s.


Col & Peer, this time around I have no props for you, however, they're on the agenda :)


Here are the planes......


707-331(B) Advanced

1a TWA 707-300B Adv.jpg

1b TWA 707-300B Adv.jpg



2a TWA 707-331C Cargojet.jpg

2b TWA 707-331C Cargojet.jpg



3a TWA 727-31.jpeg

3b TWA 727-31.jpeg



4a TWA 727-231.jpeg

4b TWA 727-231.jpeg


747-200 (actually this livery was on a 747-100 but the model wasn't available by "Ready For Pushback")

5a TWA 747-131 (200).jpg

5b TWA 747-131 (200).jpg


747-131 (CLS)

6a TWA 747-131.jpg

6b TWA 747-131.jpg

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Hahaha. Give it up guys. You're laying it on a bit too thick.


Col, you said you are missing out on a lot of these because you have a 1960s set-up in your sim. Well, many of these jetliners were flying in the 1960s.

Now, going off the top of my head, I think the 727-100 joined the TWA fleet in 1964. The Dc-9-14 in 1966, and the 727-200 in 1968. Also the 707s were the first jetliners that TWA got. That was back in 1959. However that was the 707-131 model. The models here, are the 707-331 model. They joined the TWA fleet in 1966. So, most of them began their life in the 1960s. There, problem solved. ;)

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Wow, an amazing collection! :pilot:

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LOL!! Col, thanks for the great title, but you should've posted "Camus the Great" instead.


That's actually not me on the avatar, nor do I smoke. The man in the avatar is Albert Camus, a Frenchman, and easily one of my favourite writers/philosophers, who also won the Nobel Prize in Literature. He wasn't a pompous, or arrogant man either. He was born into a working class family. One of my favourite books of his, is "The Stranger". A superb piece of work.



My wife did say that I actually look like him, haha.

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Lol, sorry Ted, I read the link about Camus, he was a quite a guy. As for books, I have never read a book right through, I get board after a few chapters, can't explain why, I just do, yet I like watching documentaries, I can watch them all day.


I too am not pompous and I was born in a working class family, in fact my parents had very little, and like you I don't smoke either, I did try it once but I didn't like it, so gave up after one cigarette, now there's will power for you, I quit lol.



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