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FS9 Hidden Gems


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Discovering aircraft that are buried deep in the Flightsim files can be

fun especially when the planes are well modeled.

Three I have found recently fit that bill.


1. Mike Stone’s Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer for FS9


2. JR Lucariny’s Lockeed Hudson for FS9


3. Nick Karatzides’s Reims F-406s Caravan II.

This is a FS2002 model but works fine in FS9.

All have decent panels and fly really well.

Give them a try.

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I have the first 2, I was on Mike Stones website years ago and I remember the day he said he was giving up making models, apparently someone upset him from what I/we could make out to prompt him to stop.

such a shame, he did make some good models, plus he seemed like a nice enough guy too.


I have lots of backup disks with FS2002 and 2004 aircraft on, sometimes I get them out and go through them, often finding a gem I had forgot about.



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I agree, Mike put a lot of effort into the hobby and should never

have been bad mouthed. Any one who develops freeware for Flightsim

should be highly respected.


Unless you’re eddytroit who hates the community as everyone ‘takes’ and doesn’t ‘share’. Now there’s irony for ya.


But thanks OP for sharing some nice freeware add-ons.

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