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Setting up 10 year old grandson


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I am a very experienced pilot, 25 years Air Force, 20 years major airline. My 10 year old grandson wants to fly airplanes on his computer. This is something I don't do. He lives a 10 hour drive from me in a very remote part of New Mexico. Would like to buy him some flight simulation software to get him started. Also understand you can now stream flight simulation to your computer.


As part of getting him started I will also buy him a PC. Where they live his download speed is 22.6 mbps and upload 7.95 mbps according to Ookla.


So the question is where do I start, buying the computer and monitor is a done deal as his family doesn't have a desktop PC, just a laptop. Realizing he is only 10 and interests change would like to get him something to keep him interested but not spend a lot of money. If he continues to show aviation interest can always upgrade the flight simulation software/equipment. Plus he has three younger siblings.


Thanks so much for your help!!!


Check Six

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Welcome to the wacky world of flight simulation! Before spending any money for a flight simulator, there are options in most of the Sims for a free demo version to try.


For FSX https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/1304/microsoft-flight-simulator-x-demo/


I think there is an X-Plane demo out there also. I do recommend an inexpensive joystick to make flying much easier. Probably under $50 through Amazon.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I would suggest Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX)


It includes many aircraft he can fly. From a motorised Ultralight (easy to start with) to a Boeing 737_800 or FA-18 fighter aircraft. (and Carriers you can do carrier landings on.) And everything in between. Cessna 172, Beech Baron 58, CRJ_700, Airbus-321, etc etc.

Many will be too tricky to fly at first. But by starting with smaller planes, and learning along the way, he will eventually be taking off with his 737 and doing ILS landings on any airport in the world.

(Whole world is included. Almost every airport accounted for.)

Game is a bit older. 2006. So the world matches how the airports were then. But that really doesn't matter for the amount of fun you have.


FSX can be good for years of fun.

FSX is a Microsoft game. But Microsoft themelves stopped selling it a few years back.

They gave a company called Dovetail a licence to sell the last version of FSX, "FSX_Acceleration".

You can now but FSX acceleration as a "Steam game".

Known as "FSX Steam Edition".

Costs about $ 40 I think.


Here is some more info about FSX.





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Many thanks to both experienced responders for the replies. Now as to hardware. If I buy a entry level gamer desktop pc, will it be relatively easy to install and run Microsoft FSX. Will also buy entry level control yoke. BTW anyone know if FSX has checklists, walk around instructions, how to taxi, etc etc,.


Want grandson to have a firm basis in being a pilot, not just the fun soaring part.

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Most FSX aircraft have checklists, and there are lessons by Rod Machado (a real life CFII) to help learn about flying, though a walk-around would be awkward in the sim. But takeoff, landing and maneuvers are covered. Other may be able to tell you more, since I never took the lessons (real life Commercial/CFII, etc.), but I know Machado is a good instructor, though from things I've read here the lesson software is a tad picky at times.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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There are plenty of Tutorial Missions as well as the lessons in FSX. I still would recommend that your grandson try the free Demo version before spending money. There are a couple of Missions and at least 30 minutes of free flight time to experiment with.


Keep in mind that yoke and rudder pedal assemblies are not cheap by any means. I use the Logitech Extreme 3D pro Joystick and it works great for all aircraft.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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