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lights and wipers buttons


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greetings to all,


I found in the forum (I do not remember which) a post where he explained the possibility, in FSX, to activate the buttons: lights, wipers etc.. of overhead on aircraft, and especially for the Boeing 747 when using the view "Virtual Cockpit" I think adding or changing the gauges of the panel.cfg, I would like to be able to find that forum if possible.





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Look for FSND Cockpit.

There are two of those. One for the 747 and one for the 737.

(search using google. I think you will find the cockpits on the FlyAwaySimulation.com site.)


They come with installers (.exe files) that install the cockpits in the default 747 and 737 folders.

For that reason it's a good idea to make a backup of the default 747 and 737 folder before you install the FSND cockpits.


Actually, if you haven't done so yet, make a backup of the entire fsx folder. All 14 Gb. That way if you ever delete an important file from fsx by accident you can restore it using the backup.

(it's not possible to get the original files by copying from the disk unfortunately.)

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