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Microsoft Flight Simulator - The Interview

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I was reminded by another post here that some who frequent these forums sometimes forget there is a whole bunch else to FlightSim.Com. On the site home page we published an interview with the design team and if you haven't listened to it yet, here it is:



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It looks absolutely phenomenal. My main desire would be great ATC. And then I hope companies like PMDG will develop for this Sim so I can have an "as real as it gets" cockpit complete with FMC and the works.


Since the FAR prohibits me from flying at this moment in time, this is as close as I'll get. So I'm happy to see a Sim with this amount of detail.


I listened to 11 minutes of the audio. Will listen to the whole thing tomorrow.

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Indeed, the aim of the developers, as they have said, is to give us a 'as real as it gets' simulator, with 1000 points of contact per surface area, compared to a single point on FSX aircraft, on default craft...


So, to have default aircraft with those features will be amazing.


Cape Town, South Africa

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