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Just got back into Flightsim and looking for advice


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After taking a break over the past year from FSX, I have decided to get back into it, but after looking around it seems Prepar3d as come along way and now there is a FSX-SE. I wanted to get some advice before I install FSX. Is it worth staying with FSX or switching to prepar3d? Is the FSX-SE better than the box edition? Just looking to get some advice from people on which direction to go.
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Welcome back into the fold, or hanger.

A valid question that will give you many different answers, &, I have been smacked on my hands for my opinions, but, here goes.... A hit of history..

As we know, development in FSX was stopped about 7 years ago with the closure of Microsoft's ACES Gaming studio.

Last year, Microsoft gave Dovetail the license to re-distribute FSX & I quote from the Dovetail site:

"Microsoft remains the developer of FSX and is solely responsible for implementation of any features or content. Meanwhile, Dovetail Games is acting as a publisher for Microsoft and is only licenced to modify the simulator in order to make it Steam compatible. Although we have optimised FSX: Steam Edition for use on Steam, in accordance with our licencing agreement with Microsoft we are not at liberty to make significant functionality changes to the simulator."


FSX: Steam Edition does not include a developer SDK and the focus for this release is to provide players with a stable standalone simulator which utilises the advantages of the Steam platform. If you wish to use the SDK it remains available in the boxed edition of FSX and all functionality will continue to work as it did prior to the release of FSX: Steam Edition. There are no plans to introduce a SDK to the Steam edition at this time."




This is quite a serious development (no pun intended) and it seems we have been mis-sold the product. Basically, those wishing to partake in the developer community (or even tweak a few items for our own requirements) will be unable to do so unless they already own the original boxed version.----------------------------------


So, we have a 8 year old product that has been tweaked to work on Steam, that is all! (from what Dovetail says)


Now, as we know, Lockheed has the license of ESP, the professional/commercial version of FSX & they CAN develop, mod & upgrade the program, which they have about 10 times now. A simple look on the Prepar3D site will tell you what the changes are.


So, to very simplify..

Do you want to go for a 8 year old program that has been tweaked slightly, with the limitations that Davetail has, as part of their distribution license, or look at the alternative?


NO, I'm NOT bashing FSX-Steam, or raving about P3D, but, in my opinion, & for me, I want to go forward with my simming.


Good luck with your decision.


Cape Town, South Africa

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