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Water textures over previous land textures


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What would cause this to happen? On an existing default island that had no buildings or other texures on it I added some buildings, an airfield and other objects. Up until a while ago everything was fine then the outer perimeter of the island that was a land texture became a water texture. I tried changing the mesh settings but it didn't help. Any ideas what else might cause this to happen? Thanks.
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This has to be caused by an addon file.


The entire FSX world is covered by land until files are added to tell FSX where the water is.


You will have to find the offending file by process of elimination, start by disabling all of the files you created for your island and see if it returns to normal.


Then you can add them back in until the problem shows up again.


Once you know what file is causing it we can figure out how to fix it.



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