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Question about OOM issues


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Hey all,


I've acquainted myself with the history and pain of the OOM error, and was hoping I could get some information from others about a certain question I came up with today.


I was flying on a low altitude VFR in a Carenado single prop near Boston in the USA today when I started getting FSUIPC's warning, and then crashed with OOM. I thought sure, maybe I had too much going. I have Orbx Global and Vector, FlyTampa Boston, and FSWaterConfigurator. It seemed weird, especially since besides FlyTampa Boston the things were addons listed on many "best addons" lists. So I turned off WaterConfigurator, and reloaded. Seemed to work, but I was heading away from Boston at this point.


Then I got near Warwick, a city south of Boston, which doesn't have any additional scenery or full packages like FlyTampa installed, and when I was on an external view I started getting FSUIPC's dings again. Switching to a cockpit view stopped the warnings and I was able to get on normally. But... is that really all it takes? Orbx Global and Vector and an addon plane near a city? Considering the lists of addons I see people use, it seems wrong that this was enough to OOM me.


Any thoughts?

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Your graphics settings contribute and scenery density is not consistent all over the world. Also, everyone has their own collection of add-ons in combination, so not everyone is going to get the same result in the same circumstance. Not everyone is running the same graphics card with the same driver and the same tweaks in the CFG.

Too many variable to predict the outcome. You have to do what works for YOU realizing FSX was not designed to run on today's hardware with today's operating systems with today's add-ons. It was only designed to run eight years ago out of the box with no add-ons at all and the latest OS was Vista (may it rest in peace.)


If I were you, I would be testing with fewer variables and more control than the pseudo random technique you are using:

1) Plane with highest external view poly count. Why? See below**

2) No online weather (FSX or external.)

3) FSX's own Stormy Weather theme.

4) Weather changes over time set to none.

5) FSX default "enhanced" airport like KLAX or EGLL.


Fly around the area for a long time at very low altitude and observe the result.

Since this *should* represent a near worse case scenario, the combo of graphics settings (your video cards own control panel is also important) and the add-ons you get away with should when adjusted to prevent OOM in this kind of test should get you through just about any flight you want to make when no significant changes are made. Many people are willing to put up with the OOMs so they can throw every add-on ever created at FSX and watch it go up in flames as they drool over the eye candy.


** note: High poly count also means your 3D pit is placing a high demand on the processor and memory.



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