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Stearman Hammond Y-1S


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I fell in love with this little baby, she flies good and great for those low level flights to view scenery etc.

She was a real aircraft, read on:

In 1937 KLM was interested in the new Douglas DC4E for its Dutch East Indiesline.

The DC4E was developed on the basis of the requirements of the US airlines United, TWA, Eastern and Pan American.

KLM pilot Parmentier flew the prototype and was impressed. KLM was intended to purchase 6 aircrafts with a option for 6 more.

The DC-4E had a nose wheel, while KLM had only aircraft with a tail wheel in its fleet. In order to train their pilots to

get used to the nose wheel configuration KLM purchased the Stearman Hammond Y-1S in September 1937 for training purposes.


The Stearman Hammond Model Y was designed by Dean B. Hammond for Bureau of Air Commerce safe airplane competition in 1934.

Starting point was to develop a simple and reliable aircraft for $ 700, - Model Y wasone of the winners and Hammond got orders

for 25 copies. However the prototype did not meet the requirements.Lloyd Stearman was asked to re-engineer the plane to improve performance and general workmanship.

Resulting aircraft, Model Y-1S. Only 20 aircraft have been built.


The prototype of the Douglas DC-4E was tested by United on its routes and was found to be far from economically.The American Airlines placed no orders orders

and the project was canceled.Therefore the Stearman Hammond Y-1S was no longer necessary for KLM.The plane went to the RAE(Royal Aircraft Establishment) at Farnborough

and thoroughly tested.It went to the RAF for assessment. Its ground handling was discribed as "impressive"but it was found impossible to fly an accurate compass course and it was extremely noisy.

The RAF for saw little use for the machine.It remained at the RAE till it was scraped in 1942.

Thanks to John Blackburn who sent me a black/white photograph on which I based the repaint.


Douglas developed during WII a completely new DC-4 (C-54) which due to the war was put into operation by the airlines after 1945.




She came with KLM livery by Hans van Spelde and I added my own fictional to her for those recon flights.


Stearman Hammond Y-1S KLM flight2.jpg


Stearman Hammond Y-1S Navy parked.jpg


Stearman Hammond Y-1S Navy flight1.jpg


Stearman Hammond Y-1S Navy flight2.jpg


Stearman Hammond Y-1S Navy flight3.jpg


The Paint

Stearman Hammond Y-1S Navy paint.jpg

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Another great looking aircraft. Just seems like something is missing :D

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