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Self-Loading Cargo Passenger Addon

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Hello there :)


I've just launched v1 (and v1.1 at the time of posting!) of a new application compatible with all simulators called "Self-Loading Cargo" which simulates passengers in real-time - sort of like many virtual pets where you have to please them by flying safely, serving drinks / food / alcohol in a timely manner, and dealing with technical, medical or cabin issues.


Each passenger has their own randomised personality based on age, health, hunger, thirst, happiness, anxiety, how much they've had to drink and how much they need the toilet... the value of each of these affects their reaction to various events that happen during the flight, meaning no flight is the same.


You can see how much affect your actions (or inactions!) are having during the course of the flight with real-time notifications, and will receive a grade and explanations of everything that happened during the course of the flight once you land.


Its designed to bring a bit of life to the cruise, and a challenge to the landing (there's a landing rate monitor built in) instead of every flight bring a monotonous A to B experience.


You can find out more about how it works at https://slc.lanilogic.com/how-it-works/ and view the current change log at https://slc.lanilogic.com/changelog for recent and upcoming features.



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